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Chabot College                                                                                                  James Westfall

Course Page

  Tentative Schedule

English 102, Section 071


N.B. :      Only major assignments are listed. You are also responsible for any homework assigned at class meetings.




Mon       20            Course Introduction; in-class thinking and writing exercise.


Wed       23            Rereading America (1-15) “Thinking Critically Challenging Cultural Myths”

R.A. (19-25) “Harmony at Home,” Norman Rockwell


Mon       28            R.A. (26-38) “What Makes a Family,” E. J. Graff                            


Wed       30            R.A. (52-68) “What We Really Miss About the 1950’s,” Stephanie Coontz

                                Paper #1 - Topic Distributed



Mon       4              R.A. (81-88) “The Military-Nintendo Complex,” John Naisbitt et al.

Paper #1 Peer Edit


Wed       6              R.A. (223-232) “Learning to Read,” Malcolm X

Paper #1 Due


Tues       10            Deadline to Add and Drop (NGR)


Mon       11            R.A. (141-150) From “Report of the Massachusetts Board of Education, 1848,” Horace


Paper #2 - Topic Distributed


Wed       13            R.A. (298-304) From “Ragged Dick,” Horatio Alger

R.A. (318-333) “Class in America: Myths and Realities,” Gregory Montsios


Mon       18            Washington Holiday – No class meeting.


Wed       20            R.A. (407-410) “How the Americans Understand the Equality of the Sexes” Alexis de Toqueville

                                Paper #2 Peer Edit


Mon       25            R.A. (414-423)  “Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender,”

Holly Devor


Wed       27            R.A. (660-672) “Gray Boys, Funky Aztecs, and Honorary Homegirls,” Lynell George           

                                Paper #2 due



Mon       4              R.A. (611-624) “Notes of a Native Speaker,” Eric Liu


Wed       6              R.A. (539-544) From “Notes on the State of Virginia,” Thomas Jefferson

                                R.A. (545-547) “Let America Be America Again,” Langston Hughes


Mon       11            R.A. (548-561) “Causes of Prejudice,” Vincent Parrillo


Wed       13            Midterm: In Class Essay and Summary


Mon       18            R.A. (814-824) “Freedom and Want, ” Donald Worster


Wed       20            R.A. (584-597) “Virtual Integration: How the Integration of Mass Media Undermines

Integration,” Leonard Steinhorn and Barbara Diggs-Brown



Mon       25            R.A. (734-748) “The American West and the Burden of Belief,” N. Scott Momaday


Wed       27            R.A. (683-691) From “The Significance of the Frontier in American History,” Frederick Jackson


Paper #3 Topic Distributed



Mon       1              Spring Break – No class meeting until April 8


Mon       8              R.A. (826-835) “Department of the Interior,” Linda Hogan

Paper #3 Peer Edit


Wed       10            R.A. (836-851) “Looking for Nature at the Mall,” Jennifer Price


Mon       15            From “Phaedrus, ” Plato (class handout distributed previous meeting)

Paper #3 Due


Wed       17            Critical Thinking Reading and Writing (345-347) “Criteria for Moral Rules,” Barnet and Bedau

(class handout distributed previous meeting);

How are We to Live (vii-x), Peter Singer


Mon       22            HWL Chapter 1

Paper #4 Topic distributed


Tues       23            Deadline to Withdraw (W)

Mon       29            HWL Chapters 2 and 3



Wed       1              HWL Chapter 4

                                1st Peer Edit


Mon       6              HWL Chapters 5 and 6



Wed       8              HWL Chapters 7 and 8

2nd Peer Edit


Mon       13            HWL Chapter 9 and 10

                                Paper #4 Due


Wed       15            HWL Chapter 11


Mon       20            Final Essay Exam – Room 828